.... Iranian Dokha Platinum - Sun-dried pipe tobacco

The Platinum blend is an extremely smooth medium warm blend of Dokha pipe tobacco. It has a woodsy-nutty flavor, which excites your taste buds and the head buzz relaxes your entire body. It is perfect for Dokha lovers who seek the right balance of flavor and satisfaction.

Iranian Medwakh Platinum

Our Platinum Medwakh is a classic Arabic pipe handcrafted by highly skilled artisans using the finest woods, for the most exotic pipe tobacco experience. Immense research by our designers has led to a twist in the design of our Platinum Medwakh for a smoother flow of smoke.

How is Platinum Dokha different from the Original Dokha blend?

1. Quality: We have topped up the quality from the Original blend.
2. Color: Zero processing and hence the dark green color is maintained.
3. Taste: Woodsy-nutty taste.
4. Buzz: A much stronger buzz.

         Introduction to Iranian Dokha Platinum
Iranian Dokha and Medwakh Platinum