.... Iranian Medwakhs:
“Medwakh” is an exotic and unique Arabic smoking pipe, hand crafted by skilled artisans using the finest woods for an exquisite smoking experience.
Iranian Medwakhs are also renowned for their durability because of the superior wood and craftsmanship involved in making them. The Medwakhs can easily last beyond a year and are easy to maintain too.

From 3 inches up to an astonishing couple of feet long, these smoking pipes can be crafted from wood, metal, stone, bone, and other precious materials to provide an elegant and effortless smoking experience. We at HTC strive hard to provide you the best quality Medwakhs in the world.
.... Accessories:
Herbal Tobacco Company introduces best quality smoking accessories:

• Bio pipe filters
• Medwakh cleaners

.... Medwakh Filters:
Imported Tokai bio-filters improve your smoking experience and filter the smoke giving you a cleaner buzz.

.... Medwakh Cleaners:
Our Medwakh cleaners are best quality cleaners which help in keeping your Medwakh clean and tar-free is very important. Keeping the tar and accumulated dirt out helps the pipe smoke better.